New Disorder

by Dissonance In Majesty

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Part one of three in the "We, The Priests" saga. A concept album of dystopian allegory and horrors committed in the name of a twisted god. The priests: a theocratic, oppressive master who brutalize their slaves to appease a horrific God. The slaves: persecuted for the pleasure of this dread master. But one priest dares an escape from seclusion and oppression; his journey beyond the walls of torment broke the mold, just as his capture and brutal execution opens the eyes of the downtrodden...all in the name of a God who's arbiters on earth perhaps have lost their way.

In New Disorder, the story of this one man's transcendence of caste and culture, his persuaded escape by one mysterious woman, her sudden disappearance, his eventual capture, his public crucifixion, and his acute renewal in the eyes of God and men is explored. What should be permitted in the name of God? What horror crosses the line from blessed to blasphemy?

Listen for yourself how one man's divine purpose and ultimate sacrifice paves the way for God's renewal in the lowest depths of hell.


released January 29, 2013

Vocals/Lyrics: Tom Fowler
Backing Vocals: Stacy Teems II
Guitar/Orchestrations: Christopher Cozzi
Guitar: Michael Dalbke
Bass Guitar: Brian Schulz
Drums/Percussion: Matt Dalbke

All recording/mixing/production/mastering by Tom Fowler at the 601 Studio

Guest clean vocals: Josh Palkin of "Better Out Loud" (
Guest Voiceover/"Voice of God": Simon Tehle, Berkeley College of Music - Boston



all rights reserved


Dissonance In Majesty Chicago, Illinois

Dissonance In Majesty is an extreme metal band based out of the suburbs of Chicago, IL. DiM synthesizes brutal yet intelligent music, drawing influence from a remarkably diverse background in extreme music, including bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, Dimmu Borgir, Wintersun, and more to amalgamate a singular style of symphonic blackened death metal. ... more

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Track Name: Evigilo (Awakening)
Track Name: Ortus (Birth)
Born to scorn in a prison adorned with the praises of a black lidded sun
Try to hide, but the horror presides over each of the close-minded ones

We could not kneel nor feign a bow
To sate their blasphemy
A brazen haven, sure devout
In black authority
The priests invite their pleasure
In the torment of the weak
A curse beyond all measure
Proving mighty can’t outsway the weak

Something in the air, it bears
The sickly scent of trepidation
All coming to a close, I swear
A deathly isolation

How I yearn to return to woodland fern
Where pestilent shores bring night no more
And all is well from skin to core
How to discern this crying burn
From asserting eyes to guilty lies
An autumn grey to fiery summer skies

Their godless delight
Is a one-way fight
Through courting the abhorred
Not shall we submit
Nor suffer it
As was quoth in wisdom...nevermore


Drawn and gone, unholy songs, a cacophony of pain under abysmal dawn
Battles won, our epic sung to last regrets and a future hung

We hail you
Darkly, darkly lord of pain
In thy sight, we mare and maim
Put to death, all in your name
We, the priests of a new disorder
Track Name: Exodus (Escape)
The night we deigned fit to escape
As last vestige of dusk breaks way
A mortal foreplay had with fate
Under a swollen moon and starless sky
The itching impulse to be gone
They’ll catch up on our trail 'fore long
A streaking glimpse of tempered hate
When love is gone and faith does die.

Paving thru the sky, gilded souls alight
Crying terror thru the forest of a bloodmoon night
Of the malcontents, all the tortured repent
Clarifying bite of iron serves to cull dissent.
At the first church bell, braying hounds of hell,
In wretchedness, descend upon the tainted flock
Of men to die, immortal, I
Step forth, declaring, “CRUCIFY!!”

Torturous one, unknowing, undone in malevolent games under a ruinous sun
Running helter-pace gives such a quickened cadence to her breath
Misery won, forgiven among the strings of her heart to an elegy sung
So scared, your tears tell distant years of everything we haven't left

You will bow to me, enslaved
You'll find divine a bitter reign
In all you are, you're drowning in the shame
So many nights, I've paid my lot
I've watched the years succumb to rot
A fallen dream, a gleam of Golgorath
Won't stop us now!

Paintings peeling, subjects kneeling
‘fore the holy, insofar (as)
Hatred, healing, blood-red feeling
Under these Golgothic stars
Cleansed in fire, ever higher,
We three priests of Orient stand
Bearing gifts of pure desire
In this untempered, broken land

Devoted to the votive, holy standard of love breeds the picking and the slaughter of the highest above
To lure upon the missive with a recalcitrant fist is but a thorn in the maiden of the men they have "dismissed"
Passion for the cession of her insolent sway, laying, praying for the darkness of a virulent day
In the grip of surest pleasures, put the coffin to the nail, in the crucible of tragedy, explanations fail

The night was cold, the moon was black
Their petty legions persevere in driving us back
To the morbid chapel that god on high
Himself forsaken to the care of those who hate the light

We hail you
Darkly darkly lord of night
On thy Dias of dizzy height
Broken we, in the terror of flight
We, the priests of a new disorder

Track Name: Capere (Capture)
Mortal fear, sequestered here
Lost in the flames of all I held dear
God on high, whom I despise
Thy holy peace has left my mind

Break my back, break my heart
Shattered man be torn apart
Violent mind, violent soul
Why's my heart so goddam cold
All I am, all I see
Drowning in iniquity
Take my love, take my life
Remove me from thy perfect sight

She was no snow white on the night she died
Bleeding ichor flowing back across the sore divide.
but I was no dark knight breaking men like ice
Every spawn of Adam coming forth and fell alike
We were dark as night, when we tried to hide
Bitter blackness strung us up in nails and pierced our side
But their god delights in the sudden fright,
Of a capture turned to altar children crucified

Her desperate love, my wounded mind
Bit to the quick on fading time
Presented one last twisted rhyme
Up from a blind man, anodyne

Acerbic, perfect is thy glance
Forsaken, taken without a chance
Amorphous tortures prayed to come upon
Aesthetic eyes they gleam and dance
Raised, body locked in fearful stance,
A quaking voice at every evil spawned

My soul had now been clutched within
An abeyance of love
A gift a curse an atrophy
A torment from above
A broken man has not a place
Fast in the grasp of joy
I cannot sate, ameliorate
One last fragile heart to destroy

We tried to run, we tried to hide
But fickle fate had ‘or devised
My heart was ice the night my love was burned
(Now her) life that once blazed fresh and bright
Darkened down to near twilight
Nothing but a graveless name was earned

We hail you
Darkly, darkly, lord of hate
To whom our captors seek to sate
Binding we to morbid hate
We the priests of a new disorder
Track Name: Nex (Death)
The end comes soon
Vermillion skies and crimson moon
The end came with distorted hallelujah
The break of day
Quicksilver demons pave the way
Their masters cry a rending hallelujah

I faltered in the contour of a valiant masquerade
A dissonant debacle of a broken serenade.
One final step, I hold my breath and, waiting for the end
Whate’er remorse had fled its course and had been long since spent

She has taken my heart
Relinquish my grip when death do I part
My soul is ablaze in keeping her from harm
A purity unsung
Extinguish this flame when all is done
Until that day, chimerical I’ve become

She a goddess among men
I burn for her brighter than any star can bear
Not hell nor all it's servants can muster to tear…us…apart

My nightingale, entombed within the unforgiving earth
A soirée of debauchery, like laughter without mirth
Every eye of faith denied, I'd lost her from the start
The only air she still can breathe...exists within my heart

The demons scoured the forest far and wide
Going forth with seraph blessing, divine pride
Holding fast my love, my courting bride
Her lips were torn apart and secrets pried

The irons they bear
Hath swallowed all care
Bringing the love of the sweetest insanity
Her turpentine corpse
Found fit for their sport
She'll burn on the morrow with me

I crawl for your pardon
My face to the floor
Sweet mercy a virtue
Pursued no more
A trinity poison
Of surest undoubt
What glories within thee
Aren't worthy without

A rending of the heartstrings
Multicolored love affair
The tesserae of broken hearts
Shattered into pairs
A loneliness eternal
Dichotic be thy name
Debased in part and from the start
Was it all in vain

You were my sonnet, my beautiful verse
The last whispered blessing in all that I cursed
A forlorn denial, you speak to my heart
I dare he on high to try tearing us apart
You were my beauty, why I carried on
My reason for fighting this battle so long
You were my warmth in the cool of night
I was in darkness, and you were my light

I am hypnotized
by elegiac eyes and whispered lies you spat at me before you died
I can't see inside
Your cryptic heart, a labyrinth start from whence ensnared, so few depart.

I would walk forever just to feel your touch again
I would give anything to be back where we began
I have held an angel under stars that gleam and dance
I have seen the ending and it seems we never had a chance
Stay with me forever, in this world of love and lies
I need you here beside me more than any(one), any God on high
Track Name: Agonia (Pain)
Death, wherein lies your sting?
Hell, where the hell is your victory?
Pain, where is your power over me?
Hate, you bear the chains that prove I’m free

Ignite! The same old pain again
Drive your nails in my hands and feet and then
Ignore the tale of the holy man monster
Who ran like hell and came back stronger
Feed! The source of ignorance
In my defense, I’m drowned in arrogance
Cutting through to the middle of the monster
Can’t burn away the flames, come alive, scream louder!

Mortified lies from twisted minds
force-fed through the image of a holy demise
Offer steel intent, promise heaven sent,
all the while never hinting at the punishment


One final step, a soul inept;
Comprehension cannot falter for the secret kept.
One poetical glance, last lyrical dance,
of messiahs broken in the streets and cruelty enhanced.
I am broken (I am made new)
I am worthless (I will kill you)
I am nothing (I am everything your flames have forged me into)
I am healing (I am stronger)
I am growing (Moving faster)
I am breathing once again (I’ve been reborn, you’re nothing but a man)

Drawn along this merciless throng
The people scream a deathly song
So for they all to witness be
They spin their sacerdotal chords in me

The sound is dying
My song within begins to lose its tone
The hour is coming
My blinded eyes cant find the way back home
The pain is blinding!
Its blocking my perception of the
Screaming crowds
Blacking out
All the while
It’s fading out
In the end
Don’t pretend
You can mend
The shattered faiths of we
Who were yours
Heart and soul
Nothing more
But you crossed the line
What you failed
To perceive
Close your eyes
It’s killing you

Liar Liar Liar
Where is your promise now
Liar liar liar
Nothing, dead in the ground
Liar liar liar
I'll find some way back to you
Nothing you deserve, but all too true

My veins are burning
I cant escape the nails that pierce me through
My stomach’s churning
Sanguine, this pain’s my gateway back to you

"Shrouds of mottled ruin weave
Forgotten songs of old.
The sonnets painted with regret
Apocryphal, untold.
In time the endings shall be heard
The missing verses found.
But until that day, these unsung plays
Sleep beside the author

Anathema, sweet scented clogging necroneural past and present
Flicker with the pain, my helpless body on the rack
Lycanthrope, a tightening rope, a thrash a gash, I start to choke
My twisted angels whisper "there is no going back"

We hail you
Darkly darkly, anyone there?
Heart eclipsed in fell nightmare
Deliver us, father, hear my prayer
I, the priest of the one true order

"Death, judgment, heaven, hell
The last four things on which we dwell
Anger, envy, vengeance, lust
Condemn we sinners to the dust
Fire, ice, the freezing storms
Our throats are dry, our voices torn
For broken souls, we lift a cry
Abandoned we by god on high"

I choke to the light
Gods below forsook me in the night
My Chains coming free
Whomever bears me home, I swear to thee
My soul is yours forever
Track Name: Defluo (Lost)
In tongues slithering “mors mortis” hail a darker visage of
All things coming to an end, once bared now soars above for all to see
My sterling rose strikes shameful pose for all eternity
My moonlit dove, eternal love, I bathe in flame for thee